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A Comprehensive Approach

As you look through our website, you may have identified a few issues you would like to address. For areas that you would like our help with, you can tell us here:

  • How do I determine when to begin taking Social Security? 
  • How should I plan for long-term care? 
  • Will I have enough to retire? 
  • Am I pursuing the appropriate tax strategies in light of the coming changes? 
  • How can I simplify my life today and make things easier for my loved ones should something happen to me? 
  • Are my beneficiary arrangements and legal documents up-to-date? 
  • Should I "max out" my 401k contribution this year? 
  • Am I taking full advantage of my ROTH IRA opportunities? 
  • Do I have investment gains that need to be sheltered or losses I need to take advantage of?