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Our Values


We treat our clients with honesty and respect, committing ourselves to your success.

Lifelong Relationships

We know you and are here to see you through.

Personal Attention

Our greatest asset is direct attention to your accounts. Your matters are not delegated to a clerk or account representative. Intensive care allows us to customize services to help you with your specific needs.


We are available to interpret and communicate complex information so that it is understood and becomes useful. This lets you maintain the degree of control over your finances you desire.


As an independent firm, we are free to make recommendations based upon your needs without the taint of quotas or marketing incentives. This allows us to “keep the whole picture in focus” and often provides you with a broader selection of resources from which to choose.


We strive for excellence in every service we provide and regularly monitor your portfolio for consistent performance. We understand that performance is more important than costs, however, we also know high fees can sap the strength of your investment plan. We strive to help you control your costs.

Continuing Service

We have been providing financial services in Greensboro since 1984. Our success depends on keeping abreast of changes that affect your situation and advising you how to adjust your plans accordingly.